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Willing to empower your knowledge about Medical Certificate Attestation?

Jan 17, 2020

A medical certificate is a written document by a doctor who claims that a particular person is completely fit or not. It is evidence of your health state. If you are suffering from any disease, your medical certificate will have the detail about that. Hence, it’s like the report card of your medical state.

A Medical Certificate is an essential document that should be legalized while going to a foreign country. Your certificated get legalized when it is attested by government authorities. The verification of the medical certificate is necessary to give it legitimacy and authority as well.  When it comes to medical certificate attestation, it’s held by the native government for granting permission to enter a foreign country. As we know that, we can’t visit any foreign country across the world without a visa. But, for getting the visa, there are few terms and conditions.

Medical certificate attestation is one of those terms and conditions. Hence, if you don’t have your attested medical certificate, you can’t get a visa. Now the question is how to get an attested medical certificate. So, if you are willing to know more about the procedure, kindly go through the blog to enhance your knowledge about medical certificate attestation.

What is medical certificate attestation?

Medical Certificate attestation is a procedure to legalize your medical certificate by higher- authorities of your native country. In this procedure, the concerned officials firstly verify your documents and put the stamp of their department to provide the authority of your document.

Procedure for Medical Certificate Attestation

Attestation of the medical certificate is not a process that can be done by any government officials. But, it requires a full proof procedure.  This procedure contains many steps to go through for attestation. The detailed follow as listed below-

  • Notary Attestation

For getting a visa, firstly your medical certificate goes through the notary attestation. This procedure is implemented by a local notary. In this step, your local notary verifies your document and attests that paper with their signature and stamp as well. This is the first step in the entire procedure. If your document is rejected by the notary, it will be difficult for you to get a visa.

  • Home Department Attestation

After attesting from the local notary, the next step is home department attestation. This step is held by the State Home Department. This step is more similar to the notary attestation. Government authorities verify your certificate to check its originality. After checking the document, they attest to the document to provide authority to the document.

  • MEA Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs attestation is the certification last level by the native government. Just like other authorities, they verify the document and put an MEA stamp on the document. MEA comes under the supervision of the central government.

  • Embassy Attestation

This is the last step of medical certificate attestation which is carried out by the embassy of that country for which you need a visa. In the procedure, officials check your documents thoroughly. When they are satisfied with your documents, they provide the visa to you for entering their country.

How long does the procedure to get Medical Certificate Attestation?

When it comes to the time taken by the medical certificate attestation, the procedure takes about 8 days to 10 days to finish. If there is a problem is your documents, the procedure can take up to a couple of weeks for more than a month.

How much does the cost of Medical Certificate Attestation?

The cost is again an important aspect of the attestation procedure. The attestation cost depends upon the extra utilities like attestation of documents with pick up and drop service. If you are willing to get the medical certificate attestation on an urgent basis, it can raise the cost.

As you know, to get access to government officials is not easy for everyone. The second thing, a minor mistake may be the reason for the rejection of your document. So, ultimately you will need a service provider so that you can get your certificate on time.

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