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Organizations from different countries from all over the world can ask you to provide them attested copies of your credentials. Attestation makes your documents genuine and true. It is the process of having certain documents authenticated by only recognized bodies. You can carry out the process of document attestation by yourself, or you can take the help of best document attestation services in Delhi, India.

The certificates attestation is mainly done to enable the documents to get furnished as legal papers. Attestation of certificates can be treated as the declaration by a reputable authority figure that the documents have been executed in line with all legal formalities. Moreover, the certificates are attested by fulfilling all the legal criteria of attestation in the presence of the witness.

If you are looking for best certificate attestation agency in Delhi, you can count on HI – SPEED SERVICES. We are a leading certification service provider and has been working in this field for the last 15 years.

We have been offering diploma certificate attestation services for Kuwait by experts so that our clients can enjoy efficient fast & reliable services. With us, you will enjoy 100% Genuine Attestation of all certificates. We offer you the rates that you can easily afford.

The process of certificate attestation can vary with the purpose where it will be used. Moreover, the country where the document will be submitted also plays an important role. The reason behind this is every country has their own legal rules.

People with marriage certificate attestation requirements can take our help. We provide the fastest marriage certificate attestation services in Delhi for UAE. Our services are now closer to you more than ever.

We cover all types of certificates attestation. In general, this can be classified into four different types:

1. State Attestation
This is required prior to MEA attestation. Based on the certificate types, you will need the appropriate state attestation. For example, in educational certificates, you will need the State Education Department attestation. When it comes to the personal certificates, you will need the attestation from the General Administration Department and the Ministry of External Affairs.

2. MEA Attestation

It is prepared after the attestation given by the state authorities and it covers all the personal certificates. We offer you the fastest, MEA embassy attestation in Delhi

3.Embassy Attestation

This comes after the MEA attestation. The document which required to produce in other countries needs to be legalized from the respective embassies.

4.Apostille Attestation

In an apostille attestation certificates are legalized in an appropriate form can be used in all countries across the world. It is also termed as the global attestation.

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